Top Athletes Endorse Burned Brownies While Surgical Skill for Auxillary Lymph Nodes Complicates Bigfoot’s C-Reactive Protein and Food Scrounge News





Mr. Mike and I rode the sidecar to check out Cruisin’ the Coast last weekend. Perfect weather for showing off your chrome. However, we did note more “rat” rods than previous years. Click on Food Scrounge News for updates.

Hip-Hop Health with Satisfries Aids Brain Circuits for Bed-Sharing with Little Me Tea and Food Scrounge News


Gators and antioxidants in the news this week. Seven hundred plus pounds equals lots of fried gator balls and leather for cowboy boots. Click on Food Scrounge News tab for the latest McDonald’s news and government updates.

Over in 8 Minutes? Food Psychic Advocates Gut Fermentation of Krispy Kreme into Alcohol and Food Scrounge News

The mighty Miss at Grand Gulf

The mighty Miss at Grand Gulf


Grand Gulf Military Park. No kudzu in sight.

Grand Gulf Military Park. No kudzu in sight.

Fall has arrived! Get outside and enjoy the change of seasons. Afterwards, click on Food Scrounge News for the latest on proposed regulations and health news, plus silliness.

Self-Affirmation of Your Evil Twin Drives Increased Tinkering with the Right Bacteria and Food Scrounge News

Mr. Mike and I took our first two-wheeled trip of the year over Labor Day weekend. We rode part of the Natchez Trace and camped at Grand Gulf Military Park. Yes, camping on a battleground site. It is well maintained for campers. Plus, they don’t care if you drink PBR. The Grand Gulf cemetery is part of the park. It is one of the spookiest places I’ve visited, even in daylight.


This is life in the slow lane; Ural sidecar and Sym scooter.





Caught red-handed. Click on Food Scrounge News for the latest on food and health.

After you peruse and are waiting on your ‘que (pulled pork) to finish, make this coleslaw. It is similar to the KFC coleslaw. Recipe is from

Aw-Some Cole Slaw
1/3 cup mayonnaise
3 Tablespoons sugar (use less if you don’t like sweet slaw)
2 Tablespoons + 2 teaspoons milk
1 Tablespoon and 2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 Tablespoon vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
6 1/3 cups shredded cabbage
1/3 cup grated carrots
2 Tablespoons minced sweet onion (like Vidalia)

Whisk together the seasonings and liquids in a large bowl. Have your veggies ready to add, because the dressing will curdle if it sits more than a few minutes without the vegetables. Toss the cabbage, carrots, and onions into the dressing and mix well. Refrigerate at least 3 hours before serving or overnight. Serves 8.

Have a great scroungy week!

Supplement Junkies Drink Alcoholic Ginger Beer in Lactation Station While Snacking Becomes Respectable for Fat But Fit Food Scrounge News

Top of Hops AndyGator 2013

Andy Gator, not ginger beer at the Top of the Hops Beer Fest in Jackson. Click on Food Scrounge News tab for food and other news tidbits.

Food Fraud Rituals Promote Drunkorexia and Itchy Mouth from Hyperbaric and Three Squares for Food Scounge News

Click on Food Scrounge News tab to access food and nutrition information. You heard it here first!

Chigg Away & PBR - don't leave home without them.

Chigg Away & PBR – don’t leave home without them.

Get a Better Beer Belly from Eating a Placenta then Swallowing a Tapeworm to Avoid the Nutritional Bogeyman and Food Scrounge News

The past two weeks have been intense – depositions, constructing my best legal argument, plus training for a new job! More on the legal cases when they are resolved. The new lunch lady job is going well. The crew (half are new employees) works well together, so it bodes well for the school year. I’m not a spring chicken, so all this mental and physical stress has me feeling like I live at the funny farm. Ever feel like that? Click on the Food Scrounge News tab for the latest.


Brain Cells Change their Tune from Full Moon Crushed Bugs using Floating Yoga Fast Food Freedom and Food Scrounge News

Check the scholarly articles on diabetes and obesity this week. Click on Food Scrounge News tab to access. Next week school begins, and I will start my new gig as lunch lady at the high school. It will be an interesting change from the elementary school. So far I’ve heard the marching band percussion section practice “Stairway to Heaven” in the dining room while we cleaned the kitchen. However, my other work continues. Now you can talk to the Scroungelady about your food/recipe concerns. I specialize in nutrition analysis for your recipes. Want to know how many calories are really in that BBQ pulled pork? Only you and I will know.

Look closely at the log for the basking turtle. I believe it is a river cooter. Photo taken from our deck.

Look closely at the log for the basking turtle. I believe it is a river cooter. Photo taken from our deck.

Vita-Mine Fields are Kaled-Out with Gluten-Free Twinkies and an Exercise Pill for Your Favorite Ice Cream Gastric Sleeve and Food Scrounge News

Just a few strange news items this week. However, Mr. Mike got a new ride. It is a 1955 Studebaker Commander. Back in his younger days he owned Studebakers and an Avanti. This car was registered from 1955-1999. It will need work before hitting the road. Before you scrounge your garage for Stude parts, read Food Scrounge News.




Avoid Beach Bloat in Mexico with Maple Water For Food Addiction while Rap Music Receives Food Scrounge News

Food Scrounge News was delayed by fire ants. The nasty little creatures invaded the phone line junction box on our shared driveway and chewed up the plastic connectors. Either chewed up or ate them. The phone lines now open after three days. Click on the Food Scrounge News tab for food and nutrition information. And don’t walk barefoot in the grass.

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