Early Puberty Causes Overreaction from Candy Corn While Colon Screen Benefits Green Tea Taken with Food Scrounge News

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Shelby Cobra at Cruisin the Coast

Shelby Cobra at Cruisin the Coast


Answer to last week’s question: The red car was a 1962 Thunderbird with a 3-speed on the floor.

We Crave Flat Soda Sabotaged by Office Personalities for Stressed Brains and Food Scrounge News

Enjoy the last golden days of autumn. Below, a shot from Cruisin the Coast. Can you ID the red car? If not, don’t stress. Just click Food Scrounge News tab for other stuff.


From Cruisin the Coast: a REAL Shelby Cobra

Replace salt with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, roaches with yogurt. Your boss may be checking your breath and Food Scrounge News

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Damiana has not been evaluated by the FDA. It cost 50 cents at the salvage store. I can evaluate it for that price..

Obese Brain Won’t Pass the Smell Test or Drink Prison Homebrew but Will Cook Arsenic Rice and Read Food Scrounge News

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Spinach sausage risotto – arsenic content unknown


Completed spinach sausage risotto with arsenic on the side


Woodies, Road Food, and Dream Cars. Add Gas, Fries, and Go!

Hey, got this from a friend and thought you’d like this collection of vehicles while enjoying your favorite food. Or what would be your choice of road food while cruisin?


First batch are all woodies – some rare even when new. Then follows a group of concept cars and style leaders. Nice collection!



Those were the days when, you had an accident, you needed a good carpentermore than a mechanic !

Gorgeous Woodie Vehicles 1948 Chevrolet (Dat’s a Chebby Mon, see D A Flags)

Ford   Chrysler1948 Packard
  Ford 1942 Chrysler Town and Country
Very British Challenge: Can anyone identify this Woodie? (I think this might be a early SINGER… Bob L .)
British — A ustin A 70 Countryman
PontiacCraftsmanship not often seen today!
Pontiac Mercury A ssorted Woodies

  1946 Oldsmobile Special 66
1940 Ford 14 Cars We’ll Never See A gain  1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt 1951 Buick LeSabre –What would you give for this car now?
1951 Chrysler K3101951 Studebaker Champion 1951 Hudson Hornet   1953 Buick Wildcat   1954 Buick Wildcat II   1954 Dodge Fire A rrow
1955 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon
1956 Ford Sunliner
1958 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser
1959 Chevrolet Brookwood Stationwagon
1959 Plymouth Fury
1971 Buick Rivera Boattail   Back in the days when cars had style, and even with so many makes and models, all changing every year, they made a profit. A nd, not only that…You could sit on the porch and name the cars as they drove by…Unlike today…When they all look the same…This was when a car was a car

OK, what would you eat while cruisin in this one?

The car of your dreams

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