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Throw me some news

Throw me some news

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Hey Lady! T’row Me Some! All in a Mardi Gras Day

Let's roll!

No flood was going to stop me from rollin’ with the Krewes on the coast.  We canoed up the drive to the paved road and then rode 50 miles in 50 degree weather to the staging area.  The parade route was over 3 miles.

Parade Marshall, staging area

Parade Marshall, staging area

Air Force band, staging area

Air Force band, staging area

Motor Maid "krewe"

Motor Maid "krewe"

Motor Maid Scroungelady

Motor Maid Scroungelady. Mr. Mike was passenger and photographer.

Mississippi Roller Girls and Motor Maids

Mississippi Roller Girls and Motor Maids. The Roller Girls' next match is March 24. Tickets are $10. Got yours?

Motor Maids

Motor Maids rode from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky to name a few.

We're rollin'

We're rollin'

T'row me some mister!

T'row me some mister!

3.2 miles later.

3.2 miles later. Where's my drink?

Fifty more cold miles and back to the canoe.  Flood water hasn’t dropped a bit.  Worry about that Monday.

It’s the annual Mardi Gras flood! Comfort food needed.

The other night we received 3 inches of rain.  The Creek already was high from rain the past week.  When I looked out the window after waking it was obvious my work was cut out for me:

Backyard highwater

Backyard highwater

The large tree sits on the bank about 8 feet above the creek during normal flow.  It was time to move items either up the stairs or to the paved road.  Plants, on the stairs.  Motorcycles, on the stairs, no wait I’m no stunt rider.  So to the pavement they all go.  Now it would have been nice if the Mr. was home and all the batteries worked.  Not so.  The sidecar started, great.  The scooters and the Triumph? Up the road I push.  And the other two?  I’m not fully recovered yet to ride them.  So…


This view is looking towards the house.  The rest of the drive is not visible.  Floodwaters are nearing the drive, left.  It was a looong push.

Flood bike parking

Flood bike parking

Our neighbors let us park our bikes in front of their house when floods are iminent.  I was about ready to drop after all this pushing.  How did the other two make it up the drive.  Another neighbor and his sons to the rescue.  Fortunately they knew how to ride.  I drag my butt down the driveway, checking the floodwater level along the drive:

Highwater drive

Highwater drive

The scene above should have all dry land.  Back at the house, I organize some items in case the water reaches the concrete pad below our house.  This picture shows the water level downstream from the deck.

View downstream

View downstream


By this time I’m needing some comfort food.  Now some macaroni & cheese or a burger & fries would do nicely, but I’m too worn out and the scrounge cats refuse to cook anything.  Time for refrigerator soup.  Just open the fridge and pull out those plastic containers of leftover food.  Don’t worry, if it’s in there it will work when you can barely lift a spoon.  The soup was made from canned diced tomatoes, cooked spaghetti, garbonzo beans, and collard greens with ham.  Heat it up, add your favorite beverage, and be comforted.

Refrigerator soup

Refrigerator soup

And don’t forget the condiments:



Last year we had a flood on Fat Tuesday. Transport was by canoe.

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Cruisin for news

Cruisin for news

Love ’em and Love y’all: Lemon Butter cookies

It’s a good time to settle in with your dearest one on this day of love.  The weather is unpredictable: warm one day and cold the next.  Best to just be indoors with your sweetie and something tasty to nibble.  The cookie recipe comes from Southern Living February 2010 issue.  I made them last year for VDay because they were easy and my honey likes lemon bars.  Lemon bars are hard to cut into heart shapes, so try this instead.  This year I’ll be making them for the weekend because the Mr. is in the capital city all week for his new job orientation.  That means me and the scrounge cats can eat really weird stuff while he’s away!

Lemon Butter cookies for VDay

Something to listen to while you’re accessing the recipe:

11 Honest Papas Love Their Mamas Better

So happy together in Canton

So happy together in Canton

One last sweet to savor:

In Love in Love

Jozetta Helfrich

Jozetta Helfrich met the love of her life at Love Library.

It was a July day in 1939. Jozetta was working as a student assistant behind the circulation desk when her supervisor informed her that a young man nearby surely must have a crush on her.

He keeps looking up at you from the book he’s reading, the supervisor told her, and that book is upside-down!

The young man eventually returned the book to Jozetta. Inside, she found a note he’d left asking if she’d like to go with him to a movie.

If the answer is no, please do a headstand on the circulation desk and clap your feet together twice. But if the answer is yes, simply put this book in the cart.

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Warning: Fat & Salt present; no Chia seeds

Warning: Fat & Salt present; no Chia seeds

Paula Deen vs Scroungelady: cut the fat

Today’s lesson – how to decrease fat content in recipes and still have something worth eating.  Back in my recipe gunslinger days, I was tasked with 6-8 recipes/day  to make work in a mass quantity setting or not.  It was interesting to see ingredient proportions shift over the 10 year period I was involved with recipe development.  As a general rule you can decrease the fat content of recipes by 25-30% and not miss it.  Some fat is necessary but not as much as you think.  Let’s compare Paula Deen’s 2011 blueberry muffin recipe and a 1971 blueberry muffin recipe.

Paula Deen’s Blueberry Muffins (makes 12)               1971 recipe (either from Joy of Cooking or Betty Crocker, not sure which)

2 cups all-purpose flour                                                                    2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup sugar                                                                                      1/4 cup sugar

2 Tablespoons baking powder                                                        1 Tablespoon baking powder

1/2 cup unsalted butter                                                                     1/4 cup oil

1 egg                                                                                                     1 egg

3/4 cup milk                                                                                       1/2 cup milk

1 1/2 cup blueberries                                                                        1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup blueberries

Paula’s has no salt, which really isn’t a good thing.  Salt helps control the reaction between the baking powder and the sugar.  The leavening power of the baking powder will be compromised.  Not inedible, but it will have a dense texture.  Anyway, compare nutrients: Paula Deen muffins have 197 calories and 8 grams of total fat, 5 grams saturated fat.  The 1971 muffins have 162 calories, 5 grams total fat, 2 grams saturated fat.

If you want to give it a try, whip out your calculator and multiply the amount of fat in a recipe by .3  Or if you want to be conservative, multiply by .25   For Paula’s recipe above, that’s  8 Tablespoons (1/2 cup) X .3  = 2.4 Tablespoons.  You can round up to 3 tablespoons or make the amount 2 tablespoons + 1 1/2 teaspoons ( approximating one-half tablespoon).  The result is a muffin pretty darn close to the old “slightly sweet” muffin of past days, not the cupcake in disguise we have today.

It sounds more complicated than it is.  You also can do the math in your head and get a workable answer.  I had to be more exacting ‘cuz it was my job.

Let me know if you’ve got questions.  Next post, biker chili cook-off.  Class dismissed.

The Midnight Rider does not like chili

The Midnight Rider does not like chili

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Portable scrounge cat #2

Interrupt this Paula Deen PBR moment with a message from Dr. Joe – People are Stupid

Folks, the votes are in.  PBR is now the official beer of the Southernfoodscrounge site.  Not that I don’t think other beers are good, or that I’m receiving daily deliveries of PBR in a Gran Torino, but….we have to stop a minute for this public service message from Dr. Joe, one of my favorite community columnists.  It’s a classic.

People are inherently stupid

People are inherently stupid


His job is tough, unfortunately due to people refusing to take responsibility for their actions.  I speak from experience.

Left knee frontal


October 2009 I was struck by an intoxicated driver while riding my Buell Lightning.  Above are just a few of the injuries resulting from the accident.  And yes, the metal you see still remains.  So please, if you choose to imbibe, stay off the road.  Mr. Mike and I enjoy various libations but don’t put other people at risk when we do.

Thanks for the message, Dr. Joe.  And now back to Miss Paula and PBR.  You can easily cut the fat in her recipes by 30% and not affect the flavor or outcome.  Not sure how to do? I’ll explain in a future post, but now it is time to go to PT.  Love ya Miss Paula but stick to changing your diet and not hawking drugs as a solution to diabetes.

I think I see the Torino’s headlights coming down the drive….

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