Get a Better Beer Belly from Eating a Placenta then Swallowing a Tapeworm to Avoid the Nutritional Bogeyman and Food Scrounge News

The past two weeks have been intense – depositions, constructing my best legal argument, plus training for a new job! More on the legal cases when they are resolved. The new lunch lady job is going well. The crew (half are new employees) works well together, so it bodes well for the school year. I’m not a spring chicken, so all this mental and physical stress has me feeling like I live at the funny farm. Ever feel like that? Click on the Food Scrounge News tab for the latest.


All in Your Mind? It Could be Brown Fat Transplants, Mislabeled Fish, or Germ in Kitty Feces. Fewer, Larger Meals and Food Scrounge News will Reduce Diet Inequalities

I’m free of the metal rods and am now dealing with a boot that has metal rods and many velcro straps to support my ankle. Still kinda awkward but anything is better than rods through your bones. Click the Food Scrounge News tab for stories on health, wellness, and other stuff.


No more fixator

No more external fixator! Now I have a boot and crutches.

Confused? Sort Through the Gluten Free Toolbox While You Sit Too Much Waiting for Stool Transplant

Oooh, almost over. One more day and I’ll be released from the external fixator. It’s been draining my strength. I have enjoyed reading your blog postings. It has brought sunshine to otherwise confining and painful day. Click on the Food Scrounge News Tab for the latest food news and food scares. Below is something for your enjoyment. No scares, promise.





Food & Nutrition web tools

Food & Nutrition web tools



personal hydration

personal hydration



Barramundi sustainable fish1


Barramundi sustainable fish2


Buff Your Old Gut with Beige Fat While Cutting Your Food for the Germiest Places in Food Scrounge News

It’s been a while, but Food Scrounge News never sleeps.  Cutting through the motel internet access jungle slows blog posting.  Click the Food Scrounge News tab for food science and nonsense.

70 mph bike wash

70 mph bike wash

Diet Apps and School Lunch

Diets – a word that gives food lovers pause.  My state has an adult obesity rate of 32%, the highest in the US.  Diets have proliferated as obesity rates climb.  Do diets really work?  Well, in the short term, yes.  However, maintenance is very difficult because obesity is a multifaceted issue.  What follows is a link  to evaluation of weight loss apps you might find helpful.  I’m not the food police, but there is so much misinformation floating around that sharing some science-based advice is in order.


The article is from Food & Nutrition Magazine, a publication of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly ADA).  Yeah, I’m a member of the Academy but NOT a member of the food police!  Any nutrition info in this blog is science-based ‘cuz I follow AND’s code of ethics.  Food and cooking is both art and science but most of all it is fun.

On today’s menu in Oak Grove Elementary: beef stew/rice, cabbage, broccoli with cheese sauce, chef salad, mandarin chicken salad, whole wheat rolls, bread sticks with marinara sauce, chocolate pudding, oranges, fruit cocktail, and of course milk. With the exception of the bread sticks/marinara sauce, all items were prepared from scratch.  We lunch ladies cook, serve, clean (including floors), and pull trash.  I do sleep well at night!

For more info on the Academy, go to

Eat your veggies

Thanks for all the nice comments.  I’m no techie so it takes me a while to figure out widgets and such.

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